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CLUNGE PLUNGER 'Shitcanned' 7"
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CLUNGE PLUNGER 'Shitcanned' 7"
Release Date 24 December 2017

limited edition of 326 doom black copies



London grinders CLUNGE PLUNGER return with another fat slab of catchy metallic sludgegrind on 'SHITCANNED'. This will be the bands first physical release (they have 2 digital releases preceeding this), but being that they formed in 2012 and having not been inactive in the London crust and grind scene means this is a consummate display of beer drenched blasting, vocals that range from sewer level gutterals to throat wrenching screams, clanking tank-tread bass and growling, gain drenched guitar.

The sludge influence makes itself felt in the slower, almost rock n' roll sections and somewhat in the recording, though this is a very crusty and raw listening experience there is no mismanaging of studio time, with a great level of clarity in the performances. Everything is audible and moves easily and naturally between Eyehategod style riffing, ENT d-beats and outright pulverising contemporary grind in the vein of Rotten Sound or Pig Destroyer.

A crusty, rocking partygrind release well worth it's 12minute runtime!     

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