TARASQUE 'Innen Aussen' LP

TARASQUE 'Innen Aussen' LP

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TARASQUE 'Innen Aussen' LP
Release Date Friday 13th, April 2018

heavy 380g cover, folder with lyrics and liner notes.
comes with a Bandcamp download code of the entire album

limited edition colored vinyl:
11 testpress* (not available to the public)
02 clear and black mixed with lil bit blue (innen)* (not available to the public)
02 more clear, coke bottle blue and black mixed (aussen)* (not available to the public)
07 coke bottle blue and lil bit black mixed* (for labels and band)
08 coke bottle blue, clear and lil bit black mixed* (for friends and family)
09 coke bottle blue, blue, clear and black mixed* (for friends and family)
13 coke bottle blue, more blue and black mixed* (for friends and family)
70 coke bottle blue and black mixed
117 solid blue, clear and black mixed
219 doom black

* hand numbered


'Innen Aussen' is the debut album by crushing fresh sludge monsters TARASQUE. Hailing from Münster, the power trio create heavy, sludge infused post-metal with an emphasis on being as loud as possible! The five tracks here are centred around enourmous, spine-crackingly heavy riffs, broken up with gentle dynamic builds and grooving, almost stoner rock tinged sections. The general sound is one of visceral weight however, and the lack of reverb-drenching or heavy effects on the vocals and volume of the instruments gives a strongly present feel to this album, and a sense of urgency to the heavy sections. 'Innen Aussen' clips along at quite a pace in general for a sludge release, and many of the tracks here are certainly neck-snappers that will sit excedingly well with fans of groove and headbanging. Definately a band to look for live!   

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