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Release Date Friday the 13th, July 2018

heavy 380g cover, doom black vinyl edition



Prolific punishing London crustgrinders SEWER TRENCH are back again, this time delivering a full length album of negativity, blasting and ear-ripping distortion. The ironically titled 'Optimism' is a masterclass in old school, direct, no-frills crusty grind, which isn't to say the release is not varied, the backstory for this release is about as muddled as the unparalleled 'Scum' but certainly sounds a hell of a lot more cohesive than it.

The primary sound on display here is a classic swedeath, crusty guitar tone underpinned by cleanly produced but still very raw sounding drums, chainsaw bass and varied but constantly tearing vocal performances. Though the album is undeniably a grind one the main references that spring to mind are crust punk ones, touches of Wolfbrigade vie with riffs you could find on a Disclose record, just with brutal low growls pulled straight from death metal.

Followers of crust and grind will find plenty to sink their metaphorical teeth into here, with probably a 50/50 blend of furious blasting to manic d-beat, the odd buzzing bass intro and the occasional Motorhead-esque anthemic bridge balanced against a Wolfpack stadium crust riff. There is even almost a black metal track (these guys are clearly into their Darkthrone).

Just solid, ear decimating grind from start to finish with enough variety in the chaos to keep the brain engaged and the fists twitching!

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