AVALANCHE 'Interstellar Movement' Gatefold LP

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AVALANCHE 'Interstellar Movement' Gatefold LP
Release Date 14 June 2019

limited edition of only 313 sludge orange vinyl copies,
heavy 380g gatefold cover with lyrics and liner notes,
comes with a Bandcamp download code of the entire album.



Appropriately named Austrian five piece AVALANCHE conjur Sabbathian riffs on their debut full length 'Interstellar Movement'.

This is a solid slab of sludge-infused, hardcore influenced rocking riff worship, every performance is tight to a fault with not a foot wrong.

You could be forgiven for expecting a release filled with prog-anthems given the title but AVALANCHE skew towards a more Sleep orientated sci-fi approach, but with the pace of High On Fire at their most pulverising.

'Interstellar Movement' is full of churning riffs that will have you unwittingly banging your head or even outright snapping your neck on sudden thrashing D-beat sections that close out this weighty release.

These later tracks occasionally even touch on proto-thrash territory, remaining true to their sludging credentials with unmistakable crushing guitar tone and huge, dynamic drums.

The mix of the album is very clean and balanced feeling, nothing overpowers anything else and a very professional atmosphere pervades throughout.

This is a stand-out thematic rock release that promises great things to come from these boys!

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