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Trier, Germany
sludge, doom

facebook  •  bandcamp

Sludgey hardcore Trier trio EARTHGRAVE summon a crawling miasma of growling guitars, hoarse screams and driving drums on their debut album 'The Verge Of Human Abyss' fit to make EyeHateGod proud. The band move between grooving mid-tempo doom-tinged sludge into chugging hardcore breakdown territory with ease and competence, with the occasional punk outburst and d-beat bringing the tempo back up, almost in places touching on old school death metal akin to Realm Of Chaos era Bolt Thrower. Art on this release mirrors the lyrics and vocals; bleak, monochrome imagery collaged together with ragged edges showing, hinting at themes of suffering and the worst elements of human nature. 'The Verge Of Human Abyss' drops on the 7th of July via WOOAAARGH on CD/MC and digital download. The limited Casette Edition is a co-release with our buddies from Black Omega Recordings.