London (UK)
Grindcore, Progressive, Death Metal





"Unless you’ve been living off the grid, under a bridge, with only a dead dog to keep you company, you’ve already heard of OBLIVIONIZED. Probably a lot. Taking a page from the punk rock bible, they’ve been working tirelessly since 2008, playing gigs so frequently they’re as familiar as disgruntled, pushy commuters in London, North Face jackets in Liverpool or fake tans in Newcastle. And between writing, packaging and designing releases, updating YouTube with practice videos and recording sessions, booking international bands and organising their own shows, and the countless other DIY promo activities doubtlessly taking up all of their time – if anyone lives and breathes their band, it’s these guys."
-Zero Tolerance Magazine

OBLIVIONIZED have been gigging solidly since late 2010 and have since toured the UK and parts of Europe, as well as headlining the 2011 Vulgar Fest in South Italy amongst other European festival appearances, and independent tours through 2012.
In addition to regular independently booked shows around the UK, the band have booked several tours for 2013 which include a UK tour with Leng Tch’e in May and a tour with Feastem in June; as well as being confirmed to play with Cryptopsy at the London Underworld and this years Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic.

May 2011 OBLIVIONIZED self-released 1000 copies of their debut EP ‘Abhorrent Evolution’ on Zac's DIY label MMP with distribution from Comatose Music (USA) and Amputated Vein Records (Japan). The four-track EP was recorded/mixed by Sammy and mastered by Scott Hull.

March 2012, OBLIVIONIZED released 'Nullify The Cycle' with J.Randall’s web label, Grindcore Karaoke Records. Zac/MMP made 100 CD’s of 'Nullify The Cycle’ to coincide with the digital release, the CD's of NtC sold out by April 2012. NtC was recorded/mixed/mastered by Sammy.

January 2013, OBLIVIONIZED announced pre-orders for the CD release of 'This Black Earth' a split with Plague Widow. Zac/MMP hand-made 100 copies of the CD which sold-out 26 days after the pre-order opened. A 7" vinyl of split will be available from Buried In Hell Records. Oblivionized's material for TBE was recorded/mixed by Sammy and mastered by Colin Marston.

July 2013, WOOAAARGH team up with BuriedInHell Records, Aural Onslaught, Made In The Meth Lab and Anarchotic Records to press 1000+ 7" vinyl, of the OBLIVIONIZED / HUMAN CULL split 'This Septic Isle'. OBLIVIONIZED's side of TSI was recorded / mixed by Sammy and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, ANB). Cover art by Luis Sendón with inside art by Arif Rot.

OBLIVIONIZED are currently writing a full length album and gigging frequently.




Zero Tolerance Magazine
March 2013 Obscene Extreme Preview online interview with Zac by Jill Mikkelson.
Decibel Magazine
June 2012 voices from the underground online interview with Zac by Jonathan Horsley.
American Aftermath
May 2011 online interview with Zac by Ross Gnarly.

“mosaics of intense, tightly wound riffs and barked vocals” (Rating: 4/6)
Zero Tolerance Magazine

“One of the best bands the UK underground has to offer.” (Rating: 5/6)
Zero Tolerance Magazine

“Brits got the memo that music is about feeling” (8/10)
Decibel Magazine

"These UK lads are intent on pounding you to pieces with their musical assault"
Terrorizer Magazine

“Each song is a carefully composed exploration of insanity which totally transcends the band's influences." (4.5/6)
Zero Tolerance Magazine

“A lesson in Extremity. Punishing drums, inhuman scream and a guitarist who appears to detest being on stage.” (7/10)
Metal Hammer Magazine


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