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Release Date 16 November 2018

six-page DIGI PACK 2CD edition


SOBAKI TABAKA are and have been on the leading edge of the wave in Russian industrial music for over 20 years and this release serves as a tribute to their continued relevence and influence.

This monolithic compilation is a gigantic double disc release, at 26 tracks and well over two hours long it runs the gamut of the bands sounds through the eyes of freinds and colaborators.

The scope of musicians featured here is another mirror to variety, Khost, Alan Dubin (Khanate) and Gnaw Their Tongues bring their scathing noise sensibilities and caustic vocal performances, while contributors like BKGD Audio and Headscan provide more traditional electronic groove.

There is literally something for any fan of electronic music lurking in the depths of this leviathan of a release! From looming spacious atmosphere to head crushing static demolition to pounding industrial guitar and drum loops, this could even be recommended as an introduction to industrial music purely on the strength of the tracks and authenticity displayed by the contributors.

This is a unique forward looking retrospective of a band that continues to push their sound and drive their genre, with some legendary contributors and intense performances worthy of any music fans collection.  

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