NUDIST 'Bury My Innocence' LP

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NUDIST 'Bury My Innocence' LP
release date 13 October 2017

limited edition of 380 doom black copies,
comes with a heavy 380g cover and insert with lyrics and liner notes

Italian trio NUDIST pound aurally swirling atmospheric sludge into the listener with chugging guitars, odd-time grooves and reverberating metallic barks on 'BURY MY INNOCENCE'. This noise plumbs the depths of sounds summoned by the likes of Cult Of Luna and early ISIS colliding and blending with the bass-led crushing grooves of groups like KEN Mode and Unsane. Tight drums underpin and play around the roiling, churning chunk of the bass, implacable in its counting of time, and sit neatly under the guitars who pan between math-tinged spiky chord exchanges and languid, emotive chord progressions.

NUDIST are a band that have evolved consistently over their near ten year history and this, their fourth release and second with vocals, ties together all their prior influences into a seemless package. This isn't music to lose yourself to, it is sound to lose yourself in. Either among the swirling tidal chaos of the opening tracks or through hypnotic head-nodding as the album reaches climax. Not one for fans of atmospheric sludge, 'post' metal or the Neurosis tinged fringes of Hardcore to miss.

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