LAST CLIMB 'Leave It To Rot' 7"

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LAST CLIMB 'Leave It To Rot' 7"
Release Date 24 December 2017

limited edition of 325 doom black copies
comes with stickers while supplies last



LAST CLIMB present a debut of coruscating Swedish hardcore punk inthe finest tradition of Anti-Cimex, Disfear etc. The guitar/guitar/bass and drums line up find their own sound with a rawness of production and harshness of subject matter, pulling slighty away from some of the more "rock and roll" elements (cheesy solos and upbeat chorus sections) a lot of traditional d-beat bands follow while retaining elements like the occasional screaming lead and foot stomping, moshy riff sections.

Occasionally they sneak cross-genre into sludging slow motion riffing breakdowns, but never for longer than a few seconds before speeding back up to a respectable hardcore kilter. Tonaly the release is reminiscent of hard stuff like Bloody Phoenix with that kind of suffocating level of gain on the guitars, buzzsaw bass tone and maximised snare kicking the listener in the skull, tinted with harsh but not overpowering vocals.

Lyrically LAST CLIMB stick to the themes implied by the name, with a quintessentially Swedish focus on environment most of the 6 tracks deal in someway with depression in addition to the traditionally antifascist subject matter of d-beat hardcore.

All in LEAVE IT TO ROT is an extremely promising debut from a new band that really seem to know their stuff while innovating just enough to give a traditional formula an extra shine.   

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