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Release date 30 November 2017

full colored 6-panel Digi Pack, new and factory sealed


Crushing Spanish post-rock riff-tyrants DEVIANTE present 'Moira', the personification of destiny, present and future of the band. A reflective EP that serves as a demonstration of the new direction of the band and their upcoming new album 'Aurea'. Recorded at La Mina studio (Orthodox, Viva Suecia ...) and mastered at Ultramarinos Mastering (Toundra, Standstill ...), with this new EP DEVIANTE takes elements of their debut album'Voronia' to the extreme. Burning rhythms, magnificent riffs, infinite loops and tonnes of echoes and reverb. This EP is definitely something for fans of heavy and epic post-rock.

The two tracks run in the vein of both grooving riff heavy bands like Russian Circles and Pelican, while retaining elements of dreamy shoegazing post-rock like Explosions in the Sky. Flowing seemlessly between arpeggiated bass led atmospheres and crushing, massive guitar sounds, DEVIANTE are never overpowering despite the complexity of the music on display lending themselves to a meditative, head nodding listening experience, leaving plenty of breathing space to digest their riffs in layered sparkling atmospheric passages. This is a strong, well paced and professionally executed workhorse of an EP and teases excellent things to come from future releases and live shows!

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