AMIENSUS 'Restoration' Gatefold 2LP

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AMIENSUS 'Restoration' Gatefold 2LP
Release Date 31 December 2019

limited edition of only 191x clear/ solid blue/ black mixed and 212x doom black vinyl copies.
180 gram, heavy weight vinyl.
black vinyl can show small colored spots or clouds.

the heavy 380g gatefold cover is printed on the reverse side of the board with matt gold lettering and logos, it also comes with a spot varnish frame around the entire sleeve.
the innersleeve is also printed on the reverse side of the board and comes with a matt gold Amiensus logo on both sides.

According to the band 'Restoration', originaly released 12/31/2012, was the result of several years of turmoil in learning to be an adult in a dirty and depressing world.
By 2010, most of the band members had been playing music together since their early teenage years, but were broke apart by thousands of miles, and personal conflict.
Music however continued to be stronger than any turmoils, and through the internet and occasionally in person, AMIENSUS crafted their own restoration, which the album was aptly named after.
9 years since the inception of the band, AMIENSUS has garnered a reputation for exploring many genres of music, while retaining a signature sound that started in 2013 with this album.

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