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Release Date 12 July 2019

limited edition doom black vinyl,
heavy 380g cover, insert with lyrics and liner notes


Sprawling Blackened Hardcore masters KAFKA keep it jangly on their self titled debut. The Greek four piece produce anti-fascist atmospheric hardcore in the finest tradition of bands like Fall Of Efrafa, blending mid-tempo brooding atmosphere with darkly shifting d-beat crust sections and an ingrained sense of melody.
Of interesting note is that this band does not sound chaotic as is often the case with blackened hardcore. Rather, KAFKA take an approach measured around song writing and clearly defined musical elements. The weight is still there in the sections you would expect to sound heavy, but it is built from clear musicianship and precise application of sound over tearing blastbeats and trem picking.

The instruments are all super clear and well defined despite being soaked in distortion and reverb. The bass stands out particularly, cutting through on the slower sections and anchoring the mix to the solid bedrock of the drums while the guitars take off on a melodic led journey and the vocals pull sounds of pain from the depths of a cave somewhere.

Overall KAFKA pull together a strong set of influences into a thought provoking neck snapper of a full length that doesn't outstay it's welcome, takes no shit and leaves the listener ready to repeat. Solid. 

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