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SVDESTADA 'Yo Soy El Mar' LP colored vinyl
Release Date 30 September 2019

colored vinyl edition
Unfortunately the covers are damaged (seam split). This is why you can get them for a cheaper price!!!


“Yo soy el mar is an intense, exploratory affair, with lots of energy being heavily deployed at most of the compositions to fit right into the ever-looming dark atmopshere. With an interesting concepts around naure and human emotions, it proves the band to be interesting storytellers and engaging architects. Spiced up with a great cover art, this cohesive, creative, and multi-faceted offering ignites the spark of bleak wizardry that delivers an overall compelling experience" (SCIENCE OF NOISE Review)

"Yo soy el mar" (I Am The Sea), the title of the album, is a kind of a scream which said something like: “in the middle of the storm you decided to abandon, let yourself be carried away by the tide, but I stayed to fight against the wind, because I am the sea “

Throughout the album, there are metaphorical allusions to elements and forces of nature to represent some of the most intense human emotions. The very name of the band, Svdestada, refers to the cold winds that cross the region of the Río de la Plata, in Argentina, announcing the Winter.

Produced by Iván Ferro at Kollapse Studio (Lugo – Galicia) and mastered by the almighty Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE (Portland – Oregon), “Yo soy el mar” is now available.

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