Doom, Drone, Sludge, Black Metal
Liege, (Belgium)


Progression… Stagnated and numb emotions scattered around, piling in tiny landscapes of sorrow, the reconciliation with the “beyond”. Captain Death and the Lady In Blue, melting visions of those departed, saturated memories. The dreaded holocaust, concluding circle and the farewell, borrowed time, acceptance and martyrdom. Nothing left and nothing more.

Deuil, (Mourning in English) is a 4-piece blackened sludge, drone act from Liège, Belgium. They’ve started their expedition in 2012 and they are slowly grasp the battlements of life, the soil of the lost, where stench of death suffocates and wishers… nevermore. Purple and violet clouds, last thoughts transcend into misty shadows, crippled and deformed and with fear crumbling eyes venturing forth, like many did before, like Edgar Allan Poe did, for his lost, beloved Lenore.

The equivalent of Victorian post mortem photography in sound, Deuil are constructing solid soundscapes of cathartic funeral doom with extremely haunting details. Brewing their sound with blackened and sludge elements, they form their pieces into huge, slow-pasted, excruciating beautiful and mournful elegies! They keep the “burden” of the genre’s tradition amazingly, while they add their very distinctive personal aura to it, fine-tuning their creations. Evident outcomes captured in their first work, entitled “Acceptance/Rebuild” (2013). A two-track mesmerizing achievement, already released on limited CD-r and tape and currently awaiting it’s proper treatment on glorious vinyl in the very near future.

Deuil is an odd and yet, very earthly experience! Their sound has the scent of a deathly awe, their creations in general are like a memoir of the lost and a pilgrimage to where time shutters and all hope is forever gone! Nothing less and many more.

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