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Release Date 20 April 2019

limited edition of only 333 doom black copies
one sided 12inch LP comes with full colored cover and insert with lyrics and liner notes

ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA crush skulls with their debut full length whirlwind of blasting deathgrind. Easily conjuring memories of Rotten Sound and Nasum, the Italian four piece offer 18 tracks on 'Ozymandias' that burn past in moments leaving molten faces and a faint scent of skank beats in their wake.

The band certainly draw plenty of metal influence on this release, but it is all cemented under the banner of the truly overpowering blast that saves it from falling under any sub-generic classification other than deathgrind in the purest sense. No messing around, no time to draw breath, no time for atmosphere, just crushing riffs following spitfire hyper blasts, all overseen by throat tearing hoarse shouted vocals that never devolve into snorts or grunts.

The production is a very clean one, in places reminiscent of Insect Warfare, with drums cutting through everything but nothing destroyed by overly compressed guitar or vocal takes that might be expected in this kind of grind.

This release makes it clear that ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA are a force to be acknowledged in current grind, the fact that this is only their first full length a reason to anticipate their future.

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