YONDER 'Temple Of Eyes' Cassette

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YONDER 'Temple Of Eyes' Cassette
Release Date 31 May 2019

doom black Cassette Edition, limited to 100 copies,
full coverage printing, J-Card on canvas structure board
comes with a bandcamp download code of the entire album

YONDER conjure epic blackened crust landscapes on their debut EP 'Temple Of Eyes'. The German 4 piece deliver a meticulously constructed aural triptych here, themes of religious oppression, the pressure of society and of world wide injustice are integral to every part of this release.
Sound-wise YONDER are something of a unique beast, drawing on influences as diverse as the stadium punk riffing of Wolfbrigade to the almost post-rock tinged elements of "Cascadian" Black Metal and moments reminiscent of early Mayhem.
None of these sounds feel bolted on, the atmospheric trem-picking morphs seamlessly into D-beats and the drums and bass match pace with exceptional fluidity.
Over everything the vocals hunch vulture-like, distant hoarse howls and cries that tread the line between the shriek of black metal and the growl typically employed by crust bands.
This is more of a headbanging release than a mind erasing one- the blasts are less frequent than the D-beats but when employed have that clattering frantic punk style that always adds an edge of urgency before breaking to neck cracking headbanger tempo.
The overall energy here is frantic, but the sections where it breaks to atmosphere give an edge of tragic melancholy to proceedings that is truly deserving of attention.
A hugely dynamic and exciting release from a band with much to look forward to!

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