Copenhagen (Denmark)
grindcore, crust, powerviolence


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Copenhagen’s Kluster Fuck play the kind of grindcore and powerviolence mixed in with some crust punk and d-beat for good measure that is for any fan of blasts of noise that are over in less than a minute. Think Scum era Napalm Death or Infest. These are abrasive blasts with the added bonus of some insane shrieking female vocals that have to be heard to be believed, such is the anguish, spite and hatred in which the vocals are delivered and this makes them stand out from bands who crank out the same type of music.

Kluster Fuck was formed in January 2013 with the intentions to play fast! All of them started as beginners on their instruments, driven by the idea of combining käng punk with powerviolence. D-beat is somehow the core of the Kluster Fuck compositions mixed with fucking fast flowerviolence, grind 'n' crust & high-pitched female screams.






"KLUSTER FUCK rotzen mit “Crazymaker” ein saustarkes Debüt raus, das Lust auf mehr macht. 5/6

"Crazymaker can be summed up in three words with the title of one of the songs on here, Fast As Fuck!"
Echoes and Dust

"It's primal and raw, striking quickly leaving ugliness behind. NSFW but perfect for break time."

"Ob Core, Crust, Grind, Noise oder Punk ist doch kackegal, solange es durchweg auf die Fresse gibt. "
Crossfire Metal Webzine

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