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KOLLAPSE 'Angst' Cassette

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KOLLAPSE formed in 2012 with the intention of uniting the members’ love of metal, punk, hardcore, doom, noise, and post-rock. After a DIY 10”, the band released a split 7” with Copenhagen hardcore band No Fealty. The song “Father”, on that release, set the benchmark for their later material. It became known for its heavy groove, drone breakdowns and dark vocals.
Today KOLLAPSE is an eclectic mix of melodic doom riffs, epic crust, dark emo, and simplistic song structures. The band itself does not care about genres, but they aim to create pure, authentic, and emotional music filled with lyrics about the darkness in man. The lyrics are worn with their hearts on their sleeves putting everything up for display. 
The new album “Angst” will be released on May 19 2017. With a producer that understood the band and their direction, the sound on the album manifested a darker, heavier, and more focused sound. The lyrics on the new album focus on the darkness of man, and deals with anxiety, loss, freedom, suicide and death as the underlying themes.