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grinding violence since 1994

MINDFLAIR are a band from Germany that plays a very fast and aggressive form of grindcore along with some elements of crust, power violence and hardcore

You walk into the club and MINDFLAIR are blaring, you say "Hell yes" because the band is simply that much fun. MINDFLAIR are fairly easy listening for grindcore. They have very distinctive riffs that are surprisingly easy to latch on too. There is a sense of fun, and even hope that you get in these songs as they guide you to oblivion. MINDFLAIR go at a million miles an hour and rarely ever breakdown, but when they do, it gets gloriously heavy. The high pitched rabid screams that punch out over top of the punishing grooves help to create an all out sonic assault that keeps this band charming and a joy to listen too. MINDFLAIR have the power to inspire circle pits, yet their clear grooves mean that this is grindcore you can listen too around the home, as silly as that might sound. Turned on to a different idea of what it means to grind, these guys are one of the most exciting bands on WOOAAARGH and EveryDayHate. They might just allow the most extreme of subgenres to turn the page.





"You walk into the club and Mindflair are blaring, you say "Hell yes"!!"
Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Mindflair are a very great sounding grindcore band with elements of crust and power violence" (8/10)
Doomed to Grind

"Imagine Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Righteous Pigs and sludge metal maniacs Sour Vein all rolled up into one big fatty, and you get to smoke the sonic joint known as Mindflair"
Explicitly Intense

"...a relentless wall of noise, some of the fastest drumming I have heard for ages, the most tortured screams replacing vocals and just endless distortion." (8/10)
Stu's Reviews

"Räudige Scheisse, die geil ist ohne Ende" (5/5)

"For those who are in love with Eyehategod up to Soilent Green and Brutal Truth, check and support this work" (4/6)
Metal Invader

"It’s the kind of grindcore that waterboards you until you admit your family are terrorists."
the toilet ov hell

"it's a damn fun grind record, and absolutely worth your time"
Last Rites

"MINDFLAIR geben uns 13 Stücke, die in etwas mehr als 25 Minuten raus gehauen werden und die lohnen sich auf jeden Fall." (7,5/10)
FFM Rock

"rotzige Attitude, direkt auf die Fresse" (6,7/10)

"Ca me gonfle" (3,5/5)
Metal Impact

"Furious blasting Grindcore with heavy, tar-like slower bits interspersed; Mindflair make this extremely easy to like."
Wonderbox Metal

"Scourge of Mankind is a fuckin’ ass kicker that’s recommended for diehard jackhammer freaks."
Teeth of the Divine

"real grindcore"
inside the coffin

"Både morsomt, bra og fryktelig slitsomt å høre på." (4,5/6)
Eternal Terror

"Mindflair réalise donc un très bon coup avec Scourge of Mankind et signe un album très personnel et réussi"

"La band sa bene come stupire l’ascoltatore" (7,3/10)

"It’s like early Napalm Death/ Disrupt being infected by the same disease that has slowed down bands like Soilent Green or Goatwhore, and I mean that in a good way"
TO Metal

"Entire album is perfect grinding, punkish, yet death metal machine with excellent freedom of speech in those songs"
Monarch Magazine

"Auf 'Scourge of Mankind' wütet man sich in 13 kurzen, zackigen Grind-Eruptionen durch die Kante, dass einem die Kinnlade runterklappt."

"übler Grindcore, der bis dort hin geht, wo die Schmerzgrenze ist"
Crossfire Metal


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