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Linz, Vienna (Austria)
grindcore, hardcore

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Members: Bass/Vox: Bene •  Guitar/backVox: Schneiz •  Drums: Domsch

Band Bio:

The band was founded in summer 2008 as a jam-project with a different drummer. I took on the part, because of reasons at the time, on the machinegun really soon. 2009 we had our first show in Linz, where we released the first EP, called „maximum gain by efficient use of affliction“.

One year later 2010 we presented a full-length album and the first gigs in foreign countries followed. The plan was to do a long tour through Germany up to Scandinavia with our friends of Kain. Because of personal reasons the tour has been canceled, except for three shows in Germany.

2011 we started to produce the Material for the Split LP. Yes 2011… Why this took so long until the release, is a good question. There were some troubles in the communication. Perhaps the band had troubles adapting to the new situation that I did not live in Linz anymore, but in Vienna. In 2011 we already played a few shows together with AFGRUND.

In spring 2012 we planned a minitour through Germany up to Netherlands. Two weeks before the start of the tour, Bene (singer and bassman) had an accident with his bicycle and a car. He got hit by the car. He broke his finger. We were clueless what to do. We decided to play the tour. Fortunately a good friend of us, Mauro – friend and guitarist in DISCURE – was learning the whole set in only one week. We did the tour as a foursome and it was quite cool with a frontman, who only does vocals.

Finally, in summer 2013 the Split with Prosperity Denied has arrived, timely for the Obscene Extreme Festival. The next misery followed. Our guitarist temporarily quit the band. He needed to take a break. In this case we had luck too. Schneiz (his real name is Markus), guitarist in Ruined Nation, was willing to learn the set for OEF. We had to play a lot of festivals in this summer. Hias joined the band again and so we had two guitars. In September we played the two shows with bloody phoenix in Austria, which were the last for Hias. He left the band again. He decided to keep the focus on different aspects of his live. Hias is a great person and musician. All of us are missing Hias greatly. Hopefully he will join the band again in the future with his skills. For the end of October we had organized a tour for two weeks. We had to play the tour as a trio. Sidney joined as merch-guy. The tour was great. Seven countries and thirteen shows. We got to know a lot of nice people and played in awesome venues. Mostly squats. Four shows we played with a good friend Giant and his Band KAAPORA. In Berlin we got to know COLUMBO. They invited us for a tour in spring 2014. We played six shows with them and the great powerviolenceband GEWOON FUCKING RAGGON from Rotterdam joined the tour too.

2014 we also released a Song called “Dump” for a sampler on the label “Knochentapes”. In September 2014 we played an Eastern Europe tour with AFGRUND! The shows with AFGRUND were the last for a longer time periode, but are excited what will happen in the future.


Now in 2016, the band has catapulted itself to the forefront of the grind community with the upcoming release of Lebensraume- A masterpiece of modern grindcore that will stun fans of bands such as Human Cull, Nasum, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Fuck the Facts and Rotten Sound.


Maximum Gain by Efficient use of Affliction (DIY release) 2009
Drudge (DIY release) 2010
Split LP w Prosperity Denied (Release by Bloody Lips Records) 2013
Sampler: Dump 2014 (Release by Knochentapes) 2014
Lebensräume (WOOAAARGH) 2016




"This stuff is pissed off and angry, and it’s filled with great riffs and just makes me want to start a huge circle pit and go crazy." (track premiere)

"Six-Score are pissed!" ('Human Robots' video premiere)

"A very enjoyable and satisfying grind album – check this out."
wonderbox metal

"must-have for fans of oldschool grindcore à la Rotten Sound or Napalm Death"

"a bunch of speed freak lunatics raving against many things and playing blasting music from here to eternity"

album and video announcement