Bergamo (Italy)
progressive, death metal


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Stefania Torino - Vocals & Flute  •  Massimo Tedeschi - Guitars  •  Diego Marchesi - Guitars & Vocals
Carlo Leone - Bass, Vocals & EFX  •  Enrico Brugali - Drums

While Sun Ends is a project started in 2008 by Carlo Leone, Enrico Brugali and Massimo Tedeschi. After a six-month research, Serena Caracchi joined the band as a lead singer, contributing to the already launched demo 'Exile': it is a mix of death metal with streams from progressive rock, well-received by the critics as a promising beginning. 

From 2009 to 2010, the band obtained approval by staging various lives in pubs and theatres in northern Italy. 

In April 2011, they recorded eight tracks which compose the album 'The Emptiness Beyond', featuring artists such as Antti Loponen (Consciousness Removal Project), Rubens “Crono” Bertini (Hungry Like Rakovitz), Matteo Bonera & Jonathan Panada (Sunpocrisy). After the album was released, Diego Marchesi was welcomed as a new guitarist. 

In 2013, 'Knowledge' EP was launched on the internet, followed by a video of the song “Elevation”. In autumn of the same year, Serena Caracchi left the band and was replaced with Stefania Torino. The new lead singer was officially introduced to the public with the video “ThisPosition”. 

Since 2014, with this new line-up, While Sun Ends has been seeking new influences, arranging, composing and completing the new eight-track album 'Terminus'.







"their sophomore effort ‘Terminus’ is sure to appeal to fans of a wide range of metal." (song premiere)

Metal Italia presents the 2nd track and new video


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