Berlin (Germany)
black metal, crust, drone, ambient



A compilation of ANCST‘s efforts, In Turmoil, is a scathing and tragic experience projected through fierce, melodic black metal spattered with crust; the likes of which are only born from the cold depths of Germany.

Founded in 2011 as a side project by members of Afterlife Kids and Henry Fonda, ANCST is a collective from Germany with a lyrical focus on social and political topics as well as personal struggle. The guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Tom, also a member of Henry Fonda, is anchored in steady, pounding tremolos reminiscent of early Amon Amarth and shrouded in thrashy, black crust. This is a perfect complement to the relentless, blasting, pattering kit and Torsten’s crusty, dry shrieks.

ANCST hits that sweet spot between fierce melodic black metal & dark metallic hardcore crust, fusing together extreme metal and hardcore socialization




"ANCST have a strong, consistent, and growing style that hits a very sweet spot. Certainly if you’re interested in any combination of black metal and punk or crust it’s worth taking note of and I definitely suggest supporting this group."
Summoning Spirits

"if  you  are  a  fan  of  black  metal  and  crust,  you  should  check  out  this  album"  8/10
Occult Black Metal Zine

"Songs like the highly aggressive and with norwegian vibe boasting “Circle” are excellent black metal songs and would get high praises by even the most trve frostbitten internet heroe black metal nerd."
Negative Black

"what is here is entirely fantastic and somewhat epic in execution."

"dreckiger Crustcore, angeschwärzte Harmonien, wütender Gesang."

"Black metal, crust elements, dark ambient sounds, a break and suddenly a brutal mosh part with massive use of double bass."
Morbus Blastbeats

"my favourite metal release this year"
Miss the Stars

"In Turmoil is able to fully blur the lines between black metal and crust"
Cosmos Gaming

"Luckily, when Ancst is good, they’re great, and “Frailty” is an excellent step in the right direction."

"you’ll hear the blood-curdling screams and the guitars arranged in a manner that makes you want to bang your head hard and strong"
This is Books Music

"some men just want to watch the world burn"

"Intense shouting and blasting drums are the order of the day"
Wonderbox Metal

"The band wields bludgeoning blackened hardcore extremely well"
Metal Bandcamp

"Ascoltatela con attenzione se siete soliti apprezzare gli ingredienti" 7/10
Metal Italia

"Thundering drums and sonic guitars and moments of melodic suspensions."
Echoes & Dust

"Hier bleibt kein Stein auf dem anderen, Gefangene werden nicht gemacht!"
Slam Magazine

"No será un álbum recordado por sus grande temas sino que tiene que ser entendido como un completo muestrario de los inicios de la banda germana."(8)
Black Metal Spirit

"...und so schleudern sie uns massive Brocken dunkler Materie um die Ohren"

"...vielmehr schleppt sich In Turmoil in Todesschmerzen durch die zwölf Kompositionen"
Time for Metal

"the artwork is an outstanding visualization of the music, supporting the album’s tumultuous yet epic atmosphere."
Metal Temple

"The ones to watch in the world of crust, no doubt. And they’re a collective. As it should be." (top 25 of 2014)
Six Noises

"Hardcore packaged in a black metal aesthetic, one of the more addicting releases Ive heard this year. " (top 10 of 2014)
Thunder Cvnt

"essentielle Scheibe!"
Ox Magazine

"der Output sieht nicht nur schick aus, er klingt auch fantastisch" (Tipp! 13/15)
Legacy Magazine



No Clean Singing, Pure Grain Audio, Gunshy Assassin, Necroslaughter, USBMS, Occult Black Metal Zine, TDSAU, Mondo Satania

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