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There’s no shortage of crust punk bands with names starting with ‘Dis…’ ripping off Discharge, what the world really needs is more bands going down the ‘Dys…’ route and worshipping Dystopia instead. That’s not to say that DYSTERIA have based their sound wholesale on Oakland’s most misanthropic band however, as there are elements of grind, death metal and (naturally) straight-up D-beat carnage amongst their crusty, sludgy sound. They don’t really fit that comfortably into any sub-genre to be honest, but they sound so thoroughly awesome you’ll be too busy headbanging to even care.

Their debut ‘Fuck The Future’ was recorded at DSI Studios in Tottenham, North London, and is such an invigoratingly nasty blast of filthy, vitriolic rage that you’ll probably need a good lie down after listening to it. Give it a spin below, and then get saving those pennies for the upcoming vinyl release!





"straight-up D-beat carnage"

"Dysteria have crafted a sound and a set that oozes bile, wretchedness and spite from every pore."
The Sleeping Shaman


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