Bern (Switzerland)
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Hailing from the local Emmental region, NIHILO are without a doubt one of the most persistent Swiss underground metal bands out there. For a little over ten years now, the band have been a constant and continuous source of heavy tunes, with an impressive palmarès of six releases: three EPs, one single, and now the second full length album. This catalogue doesn’t only underline the creativity, but also the versatility of the band, as well as a certain «old-schoolness» by the fact that the last three releases were all on vinyl.

«Dum Spiro Spero» is the sixth installment of NIHILOs creative output, and clearly the darkest one to date. The lyrical themes range from wars and manslaughter to zombiesque criticism of the society we know today («We’re all infected»). The lyrics stand as a framework for their unmistakable and trademark Death Metal, with a big side serving of Doom and Grind.






"This has an Old-School feel but the main vibe is one of Classic Death Metal played well and with a love of the genre."
Wonderbox Metal

"Nihilo are a very great sounding mixture of death metal, grindcore and doom and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band."
Doomed to Darkness

"encouraging part of death metal"
Metal Bite

"this is an album that more than ticks the boxes for most fans of the genre"
Metal Temple

"die gesamte internationale Death-Metal-Gemeinde, kann sich mit NIHILOs „Dum Spiro Spero“ über ein geniales Todesblei-Album freuen." (4,5/5)

"they have a clear grip on their material, style, and approach"
Ride with the Devil

"You should be listening to 'Dum Spiro Spero' now."

"hier gibt es ein ganz schönes Brett" (8,5/10)
Crossfire Metal


Doomed to Darkness


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