Peterborough (UK)
grindcore, death metal, hardcore


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Ben Rollings - Vocals  •  Luke Thompson - Drums  •  Sam Gollings - Guitar  •  Sam Holmes - Bass  •  Stephen Pickles - Guitar 


These lads from Peterborough have a very unique sound and it fucking screams grind and there are definitely traces of hardcore punk, d-beat and metal amongst the chaos that is their music and they seem to be masters of their craft. Hold up, there’s more as they slow it right the fuck down, at a glacier-like pace, but very briefly, which is really fucking cool. This is seriously something straight out of the noise underground with a very nihilistic feel to it, if that’s even possible.

Razoreater are a 5 piece metal/grind crossover band from Peterborough, England. They formed in October 2011 with the intension of writing the most misanthropic, abrasive music they could. Coupled with chaotic and passionate live shows with influences such as Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Pulling Teeth to name a few.

After playing their debut show with Hang The Bastard in march 2012 and releasing a Demo Tape (Church Of Fuck Records) Razoreater have managed to do a lengthy amount of tours, both in the UK and mainland Europe in the time they've been a band. Along the way Razoreater have played Incubate Festival in Holland as well as sharing the stage with bands like Weekend Nacho's, Full Of Hell, Corrupt Moral Alter, Bastions and Human Cull. All of which were booked independently.

In 2013
Razoreater released a Split 7" w/Iced Out (COF Records) followed by another Live Split Tape w/Oblivionized in 2014 (Witch Hunter Records) then continued to play shows relentlessly until hitting the studio to record their LP 'Vacuum Of Nihil'.
Upon the release of 'Vacuum of Nihil'
Razoreater will continue touring and making waves in the underground scene.






"Ready to be nailbombed, blood eagled, and razored to shreds?" exclusive stream
Metal Underground

Metal Sucks

"This mayhemic release is sure to send shock waves through your nerve racked soul"
Battle Helm

"their Nasum - esque blasts of cosmic grind are meant to beat you up quickly and leave before blood even hits the floor"

"Razoreater are living proof that Peterborough is a hellhole to savour at maximum volume"
Metal Hammer UK

"A total whirlwind that is sure to get the blood pumping"
The Sound Not The Word

"All in all, a whirlwind of an EP"
Dead Rhetoric

"Like a chaotic spinning acid trip filled with fast, furious and angry aggression, a turbine contortion of spastic movements playing faster than a mosh pit can handle"
Covering The Scene

"These songs are full of good riffs and decent songwriting."
Wonderbox Metal

"The thrash riffing feels right at home as it locks in with the pounding d-beats"
Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Razoreater plays a very raw and brutal musical style that mixes hardcore punk, d beat, grind and metal to create a very heavy sounding recording"
Doom to Grind Zine

"Bella scoperta"
Metal Italia

"It goes without saying that Vacuum of Nihil is going to be a sonic malefaction too far for many but also a delicious infringement of the psyche for others."

"It's a potent combination of grindcore, d-beat and metal that will rattle your skull and leave you wanting more."





Interviews: Metal Underground, Doom to Grind Zine,




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