Orléans (Fr)
Hardcore, Metal, Violence

Beginning in 2004, NESSERIA ‘s members work with passion to create their own uncompromising extreme music, keeping intensity and energy as their only prerogatives. NESSERIA always considered live performance as their main goal and form, to count today more than 250 shows in all Europe, Canada and Japan. One Album and 4 splits testify their continual sonic mutation, the will to keep questioning their sound. Nesseria is more eager than ever to express its rage and disgust through creation and dedication.





Split Interview with CTTTOAFF and NESSERIA
Blow the Scene

"Two of the most exciting new bands"  Top 50 Metal Releases, place 26
the Studentreview

"both band are masters at sonic destruction but each one them approach the killing of ear drums from a different angel"
Cvlt Nation

"pounding beats and vocals so harsh you fear for the larynx of their vocalist"
Scene Point Blank



"these two bands are a perfect fit: Similar in overall aesthetic, but still individual units that have something a bit different to offer the listener"

"this shit is painful"
Metal Sucks




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