BLACKWATER 'Weltgeist Corrupted' CD + T-Shirt

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BLACKWATER 'Weltgeist Corrupted' CD + T-Shirt
release date 10 November 2017

jewel case edition CD, booklet with lyrics and liner notes, new and factory sealed
black Gildan heavy cotton T-Shirt



Germanys BLACKWATER deliver a punishing salvo of multi-disciplinary blasting death metal on their debut release "WELTGEIST CORRUPTED". Fusing sounds from grindcore, slam and black metal into their clean contemporary death metal sound, crossing between the hyper blasting, gutteral voiced tones of Cattle Decapitation and the epic, lingering chord progressions of bands like Dark Funeral.

The band wear the air of seasoned veterans here, with extremely competent and confident performences in both the instrumentals and vocals. The drums are supremely intense throughout the record, with constant ear-ripping blastbeats and furious double bass underpinning the whirring guitars and the classic, metallic clank of the bass. None of the nine tracks have any time to waste, as in another nod to their grind influence only one track exceeds the three minute mark. These are condensed prime cuts of meaty brutal death metal, all fat and repitition trimmed away, leaving a core of prime, bleeding aural destruction.

The art on this release was provided by the inimitable Dylan Garrett Smith, providing his usual high quality monochrome ink work, the stark and direct nature of which reflects perfectly BLACKWATER's musical intent. This band seem sure to go from strength to strength on the back of this release, look for them in Europe in the coming year!

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