MONTECHARGE 'Demons Or Someone Else' Bundle (LP,CD,Shirt)

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MONTECHARGE 'Demons Or Someone Else' Bundle (LP, CD, Shirt)
Release Date 27 December 2019

doom black vinyl edition
new and factory selaed DIGI CD
black T-Shirt, Gildan heavy cotton
comes with a Bandcamp download code of the entire album

MONTECHARGE's debut album 'Demons Or Someone Else' is a hypnotic, atemporal construction of metal and hardcore tempered by a slightly psychedelic layer of synthesizers.
Pure hardcore vocals confront a sonic texture made of uncommon riffing ideas (the guitarist is actually a bass-player) and intensely nervous drumming, where the listener can feel the heritage of a grindcore combo in a distant past.
Time and disillusion have worked their way through MONTECHARGE's sound, creating an energetic but depressed soundscape.
The band have been releasing material and playing live on and off for ten years, and the long process of giving birth to this album marked the recording with a mature yet refreshingly bizarre twist.

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