Porto (Portugal)
instrumental, post rock, ambient



Going back to mid 2007, in Vale de Cambra, a town that became recognized by its diverse instrumental bands/projects, CATACOMBE born by the hand of Pedro Sobast with the first songs of "Memoirs", an EP recorded at home, over a span of a year, and later released in 2008, arousing the interest of many fans that desired to see the songs live! So, the first lineup, featuring Pedro along with some friends, gave it’s first concert as a band at Fábrica do Som, Porto, opening for Nadja.

In 2010 the band released a full-length album,”Kinetic", recorded between January/March at Soundvision Studios and mastered in the US by James Plotkin; Then, in late 2010, CATACOMBE signed with the Russian label Slow Burn Records for a CD release worldwide.

Deep lineup changes takes place in 2011 with the arrival of a new drummer, new bassist and new guitar player! Currently CATACOMBE are: Pedro Sobast, Gil Cerqueira, Filipe Ferreira and Pedro Melo Alves.
Following, CATACOMBE started writing new songs for their next album!

"QUIDAM" is the band 3rd record, a 6-song album with 36 minutes running time, recorded at Caos Armado and mixed/mastered by Roland Wiegner (Long Distance Calling, Omega Massif) at Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg, Germany.
Sometimes explosive, other times delicate, "QUIDAM” results in a very emotional and dense cinematic brand of post-rock, that would build amazing landscapes on your head!

During these six years of activity, CATACOMBE shared stage with bands like Tides From Nebula, A Storm of Light, Nadja, Minsk, My Own Private Alaska... and participated as the surprise band at Amplifest 2013, among such great names like Russian Circles, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, Year of No Light...



"This is their best work yet, with every step taken a confident stride in the right direction."
by Richard Allen - a closer listen

"A glorious drive of instrumental prowess and power, Quidam is a must for exquisite post rock and instrumental journeys."
By Andrew Duncan - Selective Memory

"...Quidam can be universally appreciated."
By Amy Wright -

"is the sheer elegance of the atmospheric post-rock sound that makes Quidam a great and enjoyable album."
By Daniela Patrizi - Echoes And Dust

"Such albums appear once in five years, no more." 10/10

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