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release date Friday the 13th of October

huge 64x64cm fold-out cover,
black innersleeve without hole,
limited colored vinyl editions and testpress are hand numbered

01x red
07x prolekane (black, grey, pink)
10x testpress
(not available to the public)

25x pink marbled (Pink)
29x grey, black, pink marbled (Grey)
69x blackened pink marbled (Marbled)
80x old pink & black marbled (Old Pink)

240x doom black

This split marks the long awaited third vinyl release of crusty North East UK hardcore oinks Prolefeed, written immediately following 2015s ear pummeling split with War All The Time. The fact that this was recorded and mixed in a single day speaks to the raw speed and agression on display and the ten tracks blitz past within 13 mins.
This is drummer Rob Woodcock’s final release with the band but he goes out on a high, bullying the snare through relentless thrashing d-beats and rapid, clattering fills. This whole side buzzes with a screaming treble-strung intesity to the production, and a suprising (for those unfamiliar with the band) clarity to the instrumentals. The bass in particular has a very clear tone, Dan's fantastic, lighning fast runs cutting through the tradtitionally crusty buzzsaw guitar for some stand out moments of musicianship, running counter to the abrasive vocal screams of frontman Dickie (also of Sawn Off).
Ten rapid fire songs with signature caustic guitar riffs, blitzkrieg basslines and Melvinsesque drumming, this isn’t your average hardcore record.


Quickly following up their debut "Den förstörda människans rike", Henry Kane provides 9 minutes of punishing one-man Swedish Swedeath grindcore. Following the same path of audial terror. Henry Kane is the solo effort of Johnny Pettersson of Wombbath, Ashcloud, Gods Forsaken and dozens of other nightmare inducing death metal bands. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Unbound, you could be forgiven for thinking this side of the split was a previously unreleased Rotten Sound effort. Absolutely relentless clinical blast beats and ear shattering chainsaw guitar sounds argue with throat shredding vocals here.
These five tracks have no time for pretension, no prog moments of atmosphere or technical peacocking. The only atmosphere is that of a dense cloud of gain, the only technicality the speed of the performence. Proper blasting grind! 

Art by Prolefeed bassist Daniel Hughes in response to a wave of religious violence and thoughtless hatred perpetuated by the media. Fuck religious violence//Fuck religious hate. The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility comes with a wrap around 2 foot poster and is released on the 13th October via WOOAAARGH & Goatshead Records!

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