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ICHOR 'Depths' CD

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ICHOR 'The Siege' CD

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Trier (Germany)
Death Metal

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Hadal Ascending' is the fourth full-length album of German death metal masters ICHOR. The album links thematically to the bands’ albums 'Benthic Horizon' and 'Depths'. The fictional story of a devastated and hate-filled deep-sea world full of creatures and mystical beings continues: Human warriors reached the hadal-level in the deep sea and fight a bitter war against gorgons and creatures of the depths. To implore transcendent energies, rituals are held during the slaughter. The demon “Zaan” wakes and feeds on the blood of the warriors. He opens the portal to other worlds and as leader of gorgons and creatures, he leads them through the portal into the empire of stars and planets.

Whereas in 'Depths' pure destructiveness dominated, in 'Hadal Ascending' little sparks of melancholic hope flash – only for one reason: To intensify the pain of the trident that penetrates the heart of all existence. The three-pronged weapon is seen as a symbol for the union of three musical elements which in their melding form the musical concept of the album and thus link the story line with the music: blast beat brutality, chaotic mid-tempo melody maelstrom and ravaging rhythm riffs.

'Hadal Ascending' continues the band’s previous albums: US death metal influenced guitar-work which more and more frequently breaks out in varying and freezing cold black metal parts. Innovative cymbal sculptures and bass drum patterns set modern accents. Deep growling and selective twisted freak outs of the vocals jump in the face of the listeners and take them on a journey to the spuming shores of the apocalypse. The hallmark of the previous album 'Depths' was an up-tempo blast beat thunderstorm. On 'Hadal Ascending' the tempo of the songs diversify and bring the album an aggressively dynamic edge. Like the previous output of ICHOR, 'Hadal Ascending' is more than an album with 30 seconds flash in the pan tracks. The dense atmosphere of the entire album is due to the joy of detail in each song and bites slowly but surely into the listener’s ear.

'Hadal Ascending' was recorded, mixed and mastered in Hertz Studio Poland (Behemoth, Hate, Decapitated, Vader), like 'Benthic Horizon and 'Depths'. The cover artwork was painted by Par Olofsson (Aborted, The Faceless, Immortal). Mentalporn (Origin, Immolation, Hate, Behemoth) graced 'Hadal Ascending' with an elaborate layout.

For the track 'In Ecstasy' a cover art video was created and for the track 'Tales From The Depths' a music video was filmed.

'Hadal Ascending' is released via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork (CD, digital) and WOOAAARGH (vinyl).