ATOMIC TRIP 'Strike #1' LP

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ATOMIC TRIP 'Strike #1' LP
Release Date 13 April 2018

heavy 380g cover, reverse board print
limited edition vinyl:
10 Testpress* (not available to the public)
06 Doom Black and Transparent Green mixed* (for friends and family)
14 Black Smoke and Transparent Green* (for friends and family)
23 Transparent Green and Black mixed* (for friends and family)
174 Transparent Green and lil bit Black mixed
220 Doom Black

* hand numbered


“Take a breath. Drink a beer. Smoke weed. Relax. Drink another beer. Push the volume up. Press play. Explode. Get fuzzed.” These are the words that ATOMIC TRIP live by and for good reason – this band fucking rules! These DOOM warlords have created the Instrumental Doom album of the year entitled Strike #1. Over the course of 40 minutes, this band proves that they can’t be fucked with when it comes to creating riffs that kill on contact. What I love about this record is how they are able to manifest such dynamic songs without using vocals. ATOMIC TRIP’s tunes are the perfect soundscape for your mind to run wild in a HEAVY NEVER-NEVER-LAND! CVLT Nation must salute these Doom Warlords for creating the best Instrumental Doom album of 2017…Now all you have to do is release it on vinyl or cassette, PLEASE!" - CVLT NATION

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