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Lyon, France

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Introducing themselves with flickering feedback that brings to mind an interplanetary distress beacon, Lyon's ATOMIC TRIP deliver waves of explosive Sludgy Doom on Strike #2.
This is valve drenched instrumental Doom at it's heaviest. A two track release clocking in at over 40 minutes, the power trio become almost psychedelic in places, with riffs that repeat and iterate on their own looping style in a manner that becomes almost hypnotic.
Tempos shift from slow not quite Earth levels to the Motor-charged rolling drums of High On Fire, following the latter their riffs never cease being proper neck-snappers, stomping down the fretboard with no regard for virtuosity.
ATOMIC TRIP name their tracks 'Bombs' this is terribly apropos as the sounds on offer here follow the atmosphere of a detonation in slow motion, buildings crumbling to the tune of amplifier gain, and the quiet moments feeling stark and ominous after the impact.
This is a devastating instrumental Doom release that will find itself quite at home alongside anyone's Bongripper collection. Crushing.