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Trier, Germany
powerviolence, grindcore

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CAPTAIN CAVEMAN unleash a torrent of ear-rending bass and drums Powerviolence on their first full length 'Failed Species'. Opening in classic Grind style with a three second sample the German trio immediately set about bullying the listener's ears on the furious opener "Taste The Waste", stacatto blasting riffs interspersed with stomping d-beats are the theme here and do not relent throughout the release. Comparisons can easily be made to contemporary Powerviolence greats like Water Torture or Iron Lung and Grind legends such as The Afternoon Gentlemen, or maybe even the metallic edges of an act like Rotten Sound in places, the performence captured on this album is characteristically tight and concise.
Instrumentaly the bands most obvious comparison would be a something like a more controlled Water Torture, with faster, more legible drums and the noise breaks replaced with movie samples, aesthetically CAPTAIN CAVEMAN's sound shares some similarities with their fellow countrymen in Trigger, though vocally divergent and with a much cleaner production. The bass maintains a buzzing intensity throught the 19 tracks, moving between fast trem-picking blast sections and churning mosh riffs seemlessly. Drums are at the forefront in the mix, kicks pounding ears ringing from the clanging snare without losing anything under oscilating layers of fizzing bass. The vocals follow three distinct styles, from the harsh grind roar, through the more shrill scream generally associated with more 'technical' groups, to the classic PV yob shouting like Man Is The Bastard. Lyrically the release pulls no punches, focusing on decline in society and the failure of the species with little subtlety spared, matching the ferocity of the instruments.

This is a pummeling release with a sledgehammer's lack of subtlety that leaves no time for the brain to catch up. It will reduce the listener to embracing their inner caveman in under 14 minutes! The album is out this summer on WOOAAARGH, Hackebeil, Let The Bastards Grind, BMX Outlaw, Knochen Tapes and Wembley Prod. on LP, MC, Digital.