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HIBAGON 'Polyposmic' DIGI CD

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HIBAGON 'Polyposmic' LP

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Bergamo (Italy)
math metal (instrumental)

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HIBAGON is a heavy polyrhythmic two-piece that channels the energy of the straightforward guitar & drums formula into irregular textures, bringing it back to the listener in geometric and distorted frames.  

Born in Bergamo (ITALY) in 2011, the band has published two EPs and performed shows in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Ireland and UK.

In May 2017 the duo will release 'POLYPOSMIC', their first full-length record, which will include 12 intense and dynamic tracks that have been built, torn apart, and reassembled an infinite number of times to reach the most effective sequence of multiple themes. The story behind the album takes off with HIBAGON facing Moughra and falling in a state of unconsciousness. Reborn in a new shape after 120 thousand years, now he transcends space and time, and forces everything that happens to be on his path to mutate and reach new forms: the names on the tracklist are flashing suggestions of these alterations, to take the listener closer to the screenplay and then push him into a spiral of mathy grooves.

In 2017 HIBAGON will be touring to spread their tunes throughout all Europe, beware of the beast!