Dead City K-Town (Ger)
Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Metal


German mosh-marauders Bitterness Exhumed are back and they wish you a good day in the shape of an aural fist to the mouth. Their new 12″ EP Desperate and Miserable is due for release on a quartet of labels – Ecocentric Records, Demons Run Amok Entertainment, WOOAAARGH and Dark Omen – and I don't mind telling you that, true to form, it's an absolute rager.

Straight from the off, it's a total shitstorm of violence: pulling out all the stops to batter you into a stupor. The fast bits will strip your skin (peep that barrage of grind that opens Ripe Trauma) and when they break down? Heaven help you. This is easily Biterness Exhumed's strongest set of tracks to date.








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