Wuppertal (Germany)
doom, metal, hardcore


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GRIM VAN DOOM - Heavy and slow since 2011! 


GRIM VAN DOOM, founded during 2011's winter, manage to step into the tiny spot between common Doom and dirty Sludge, creating a musical monster in the process. Dark sound-sculptures, gooey downtempo-beats and neck-breaking groove define the drop-tuned sound of the band, while nihilistic lyrics are shot at the audience through massive shouting. Their passion for the raw and dark, for the twisted and tainted is undeniable.

It's this intensity, that allowed GRIM VAN DOOM
to gather a loyal fanbase throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, who immediately stripped the band of their first demo, which was recorded in D.I.Y.-manner and mastered at the well-respected HeyDay studio.
In fall 2014 GRIM VAN DOOM released a split LP with the danish band LLNN, followed by a short, but intense tour. Also, the band hit the studio (the sludge-wise well known Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany) to record their forthcoming album, planned for September 2015.








"it's a standout album"
the Sludgelord

"a backbreaking aggression that reminds me of late Pantera albums"

"Finster und dreckig ist Grim van Doom's Debütscheibe Grim Love" (9/10) exclusiv stream
Sludge Worm

"Destruktiv und brachial spielen sich die Musiker durch eine Mixtur aus Doom, Sludge, Post-Metal und Düster-Hardcore"
Fuze Magazine

"FERRRROCIOUS!!!!" (06/25)
Doom Charts

"Grim Love is a gigantic sound with some crunchy, southern-fried riffs and harsh delivery" (8/10)
Metal Trenches​

"They have created a sound that's so thick, so sludgy, I bet it would turn 5W-40 Motor Oil into diesel fuel with prolonged exposure."
Glacially Musical

"Goddam This Love is about as romantic as a dockyard knife fight"(8/10)
Metal Temple

"this is a bloody good effort"
Metal as Fuck

"Ich hatte schon lange nicht mehr so viel Spaß dabei ein ganzes Album durchzuhören" (9/10)
Zephyr's Odem

Lavaartig mit einem herrlich sumpfigen Sound (11/15)
Legacy Magazine

"Grim Love kommt wie aus einem Guss"

"La bête se situe pile à cette frontière obscure et floue entre le sludge, le doom et le postcore, cet endroit où seule la lourdeur est maîtresse." (8,5/10)
Horns Up

"Das Material ist überzeugend, der Sound ist grandios" (8/10)

"Sehr fette Songs, denen die Produktion schmeichelt." (7,5/10)
Mega Metal

"Grim Love is a cool record that combines anger and desperation in a very good way"
Markus' Heavy Music Blog

"This is definitely grim music and it is kinda doomy"

"intens en meeslepend"
Wings Of Death

Hand of Doom's Beast of 2015 (46/157)
Hand of Doom Radio

"shit that comes out today"
Metal Sucks


Interviews: OX Magazine #122, Legacy Magazine, Sludgeworm, Metalinside




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