Würzburg (Germany)
blackened hardcore, progressive


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David – Guitar  •  Nico – Vocals  •  Björn – Bass  •  Alex - Drums


When you combine black metal and hardcore, you get something that is entirely nihilistic and utterly destructive, and BAIT delivers both nihilism and destruction in droves. Founded in the City of Wuerzburg in late 2013, BAIT released their Debut “Cursed among Saints” in January 2014. This was followed by more than 60 Live shows, 3 tours covering 11 different countries.

BAIT are set to release their new album 'Sunburst' on June the 6th 2016. The album will be released on limited edition vinyl and digital via WOOAAARGH and Sell Your Soul Records, and also co-released by Tjueto Cvlt, Krimskramz & Smithsfoodgroup. Consisting of five blistering tracks, 'Sunburst' is highly recommended for fans of Rise and Fall, Cursed, The Secret and Oathbreaker. The band have had high praise in Germany for their previous output and high energetic live shows.






"Discordant everything funnels out of your speakers only to shred your flesh from your bones and to pierce your ear drums."
Cadaver Garden

"Blackened hardcore, the meshing of two distinct genres that literally no one asked for..." - exclusive track premiere
Toilet ov Hell

"mind bending strings and dark laced emotion"
RAM Zine

"Sunburst to ciekawy materiał. Nie potrafię znaleźć jego minusów." (10/10)






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