Lyon (France)
progressive, grindcore, metal


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Michel Anoia is a power trio, born in Lyon, France in 2012. Their high stupidity potential, the love for all forms of violent music combined with psychedelic illustrations gave birth to their first project. Multiple effects pedals, many riotous vocal interventions, shit-tons of riffs and special visual effects will cheer you up while you vomit.
The project’s key idea is a research on combining and synergising visuals and sounds in all the direction. Michel Anoia try as hard as they can to improve what they’ve got to offer at every gig and on top they deliver a sick audio/ visual performance.


Arnaud : Vocals, trying unsuccessfully to become a bottle of energy drink. 
Wuul: Drums, representing the unknown voice of vegetables
Charles Momo: Guitar, mantis body move and high-pitch yell
Simsim: Bass Guitar heavy-weight-ninja, Jagermeister gives him special powers
Boitaju : Keeper of the almighty pencils of attendance and neurosis’ pictures.




"If you're looking for a technical death metal release that's far outside the mold, keep a look out for Plethora when it drops"
Metal Injection

"It’s a torrential, discordant swarm of notes, beats, and screams"
No Clean Singing




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